My name’s Suchala Janjam, you can call me YaM!

I graduated from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Lardkrabang which is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Thailand, with an honor degree in industrial design in 2000, and a master degree in Media Art Design from Chiang Mai University in 2007. After I obtained my Bachelor degree, I was hand picked by Asia Home Co., Ltd in Hong Kong to work in the graphic design team. It was there that I gained tremendous skills in designing variety of advertisements and products. I left Asia Home Co., Ltd. after 8 months to then work for S.Shinnawatra Thai Silk Company in Chiang Mai after they made me an offer to head up their graphic design department. It was during my employment at S.Shinnawatra Thai Silk Company where I was able to meet new challenges and gain different skills and experiences with different kinds of products. Working with Thai silk, which is considered one of the finest products of Thailand , I was able to use my artistic skill and my technical knowledge together in combining the delicacy of silk with the modern style of living in the 21st century. Currently, I work as a designer at Siammandalay Co.,Ltd. and Aware Corporate Limited in ChiangMai, Thailand as a graphic designer. Here, not only do I get to expand my creativity skill to serve SiamMandalay by designing the art & craft products for export, but I also get to explore a new dimension of graphic art on a cyber space by designing web pages and advertisements for technology-oriented customers at Aware Corporation.

After obtaining my Master degree, I decided to leave Siammandalay, after having been working there for 8 years, to seek for exciting new experience. I am now working at Central Pattana (CPN), the leading developer, manager, and investor of retail and commercial properties in Thailand, working as supervisor in interactive media design.

          Although now my life is full of fun and filled with lots and lots of work, I still have a thirst for learning more about different aspects in design and management. Therefore, I’m still open for freelance work and would be more than welcome to give consultation or exchange ideas about art and media design. Feel free to browse through my online portfolio; I hope you’d like it

Suchala J. : +6681.993.8875